Hundeknochen Knebel Kopfgeschirr

Hundeknochen Knebel Kopfgeschirr
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    Strap your puppy into this restrictive Bone Gag Head Harness! With three adjustable straps, this devious bondage contraption is sure to fit any sized canine. Shut that whining pup up with a premium silicone bit gag that wraps attractively over and around his head, as well as under his chin, for the ultimate security. Your bad dog will not be able to escape! The straps are all lined with a soft, seductive material so that he will be comfortable as you make him obey your commands, or while you pet and play with him. Elevate your puppy play experiences with this restrictive gag and harness combo!

    Maße: Knebel mißt 15,2 cm in der Breite, 2,5 cm im Durchmesser. Kopfriemen verstellbar zwischen ca. 51 cm bis ca. 67 cm. Der Riemen über den Kopf ist verstellbar zwischen ca. 32 cm bis ca. 38 cm vom O-Ring aus gemessen. Kinnriemen verstallbar zwischen ca. 11 cm bis ca. 20 cm zwischen den O-Ringen.

    Material: Silikon, Lederimitat, Metall
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