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Unicorn Plug Purple

Unicorn Plug Purple
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159,95 EUR
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Product no.: CMDU2
Shipping time: 3-4 weeks*

  • Products description

    The only thing prettier than a pony? A unicorn.

    The Unicorn Pony Tail Plug is a very whimsical and imaginative toy. Each handcrafted piece features a short stem, small bulb plug with a fanciful design inspired by the swirl of a unicorn’s horn. Every plug is topped with one of new style, wondrously wavy unicorn tails which come in six enchanting colors.

    The plugs are always made from the highest quality, properly hardened borosilicate glass. Like our other pleasure products, the Unicorn Pony Tail Plug is designed with optimal pleasure, comfort, and safety in mind. The design features a slender stem and a flared base, ensuring safe anal play, and the twisted texture of the Unicorn Plug’s bulb offers a mystical new level of sensation.


    These tail plugs utilize the same detachable system as our original Pony Tail Plugs. Mix and match as much as you want by simply unscrewing the ponytail and replacing it with another (just be careful not to screw it on too tightly). Any ponytail can be attached to the same detachable plug, leaving you free to collect as many colors as you want! Just Pony Tails (without the plug) will be available soon!

  • Size Chart Unicorn Plugs

    Unicorn Plug
    *all specifications are approximate
    (hand-crafted products are never exactly the same)
     Plug Weight3.7 oz. (104 g)
     Plug Length3.8 in. (9,6 cm)
    Plug Bulb Diameter3.1 in. (7,8 cm)
    Tail Length17 - 19 in (43 - 48 cm)
    Total Weight (plug & tail)9 oz. (255 g)


* valid for delivery inside Germany. Delivery times for other countries and information about calculation of delivery times please check here.

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