Dear visitors, unfortunately our server went down on Whitsunday with a defective SSD and we have only had an emergency system online so far.
It took the hoster until Friday to even replace the hardware.
In the meantime, we have rented a new server and are setting everything up, so some e.g. images might be missing temporarily.
Please note that emails have not reached us since 26 May 2023, so please get in touch again. We hope that everything will finally be running smoothly again in the next few hours.
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Shipping & Returns

All shipments will be done with "Deutsche Post DHL" as insured packages with a neutral address as sender. For detailed shipping costs to your country please check our calculator in the shopping cart.


Shipping and handling inside Germany: 7,50 €

over 200 € order sum we have a free delivery inside Germany.


Shipping and handling zone 1: 16,50 €

Countries: AD, AT, BE, CZ, DK, FO, FI, FR, GR, GL, IE, IT, LI, LU, MC, NL, PL, PT, SM, SK, SE, SI, VA, GB, SP, ES, RO


Shipping and handling zone 2: 35,00 €

Rest of World