Petty, the Pony

Allow me to introduce myself: Petty. Petty, the Pony.Petty das Pony

Evil tongues say I would not look like a pony, but that's really just because I'm a cartoon character. And if I catch the person that put the gag on me... grrrr.

But back to my story: I was born by the pen of Frank ( and originally I had even a body. But my current owner iked me so much that he decided to buy me. But unfortunately only the head, but with a gag.

Thats sooo nasty!

Originally I was meant for a different project, but by fortunate circumstances I found my determination in the Petplay shop here finally, where I am a model since several months. I can refine all products from the Fetish-Pets-Store and recently I even have my own collection.

So who buys products here gets me - Petty - to his home. Petplay is originally certified with the Petty, and recommended by me!

Could some please remove the gag now ... pretty please ... ?!?